Framing the Wedding Banners of Bertha Lum

The unusual imagery of wedding banners central to this 1924 print by Bertha Lum, and giving it its title, offered me an opportunity to use a joinery technique I’d been playing with. “Wedding Banners,” is available from California Historical Design.

Framed Bertha Lum print

Bertha Lum, “Wedding Banners,” 1924. Woodblock, 9-1/2″ x 12″. Click image to view large.

The frame is in walnut with a black wash. The sides are 1″ wide, the top and bottom 3/4″. The corners are lap-joined.

Below is a corner sample in a similar design, also walnut but with a clear finish.

We’ve enjoyed framing Lum’s work before. Another lovely print, along with information on the artist, can be found in my post, The Penetrating Imagination: Framing Bertha Lum’s Window on Distant and Hidden Things. You’ll also find a Lum print here in the Portfolio.

Again, the framed print, “Wedding Banners,” is available from California Historical Design in Alameda, California.

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