Mortise-and-Tenon Frames

Mortise-and-tenon frame corners

“I endeavored to turn such structural devices as the mortise and tenon to ornamental use; to employ them in such a way as to force them to give accent and variety to the outlines of the object in which they occurred.” — Gustav Stickley

The joinery that sets these frames apart has been a hallmark of the best Craftsman style furniture since Gustav Stickley began manufacturing his line in 1901. More than a century later, the simple detail of pinned mortise-and-tenon joints — especially exposed through-tenons—still evokes those timeless virtues of quality, honesty and authenticity that have drawn such a following to the Movement. Such joinery brings a strong architectural feel to the picture, helping fulfill the Arts and Crafts Movement’s mission to restore the primal link between pictures and architecture. They’re also ideal for mirrors.

All are made from scratch, available in any wood, profile width and combination of widths, and infinitely customizable to harmonize with your picture. The pinning of each joint offers the opportunity to choose a corner treatment.

Framed Examples

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