How to Buy

Our hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11 to 5,
Monday and Tuesday by appointment and chance.

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“Every work of art shows that it was made by a human being for a human being.
Art is the humanity put into workmanship, the rest is slavery. ”—WR Lethaby

Tim HoltonGiven the personal nature our business, the best way for you to see our work and for us to help you is to visit us at the shop, located at 2100 Fifth Street in Berkeley, California, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. (Learn more about visiting.) But because of our unique business model and the quality of what we offer, we do much of our business online, serving a national (and even international) customer base. Using the website, and email and telephone correspondence to facilitate design and ordering, I’m able to work with you directly, designing the right frame for your picture and your home. Get started with online custom framing…

For ready-made and ready-to-ship inventory frames and mirrors, visit our online store,

To order a painting from The Holton Studio Gallery, and for all other inquiries, please call or email us:

510/450-0350 |

Gift certificates may be ordered by phone or email, or online at

More useful information for ordering—

If you see on our website exactly what you want—a frame design, mirror, painting from the Gallery, or item in stock—and simply want to call or email us to order it, here’s some useful information:


When placing an order by phone or mail, please supply the information below. If anything is unclear to you, we’re here to help.

For paintings from the gallery: the painting name and artist

For items in stock: the item number

For custom frames and mirrors:

  • Frame or mirror design
  • Profile width
  • Size and orientation — Specify what the dimensions refer to – i.e. glass size, outside dimensions, exact rabbet size, etc. (call if you’re unclear about this). Tell us whether the orientation is vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape).
  • Wood and stain (or clear finish)
  • Special details — Include any custom options (corner treatment, beveled or plain glass, extra frame depth, custom stain, etc.)
  • Quantity

All orders:

  • Shipping address
  • Payment — We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover; or you may send a check. For custom work, we take a 50% deposit on order, the balance being payable on completion (prior to shipping).


Due to the large (actually infinite) number of design options, custom frames are generally priced by a quote by phone or email. Request a quote here. I am normally able to reply within one working day, and am often immediately available.


We ship by UPS Ground unless you request a different carrier.


Most orders ship 2-6 weeks from the time they’re placed. Occasionally delays occur. Unusually large and more elaborate frames, especially if they have a lot of hand carving and detail, can take much longer than simpler ones. However, we are almost always able to positively commit to and meet firm deadlines.