Our Showroom

We’ve moved to
2100 Fifth Street (corner of Addison), Berkeley, California

We’re in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area — just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco. Find us on Google maps, here.

Our regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6.

Open for business!

Our new home at 2100 Fifth St. in Berkeley

Our new home at 2100 Fifth St. in Berkeley. Scroll down for more pictures.

Last August we moved out of our location of 23 years in Emeryville and in to our wonderful new home in a small 1940’s industrial building in West Berkeley, around the corner from one of the Bay Area’s hottest retail streets.

UPDATE—Sept. 26: Hard to believe that after 14 months in limbo we finally opened the doors last Saturday to our beautiful, spacious new home. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is our first regular day of business! We have finished building out the new space (with about 180 feet of walls!) although there is still a bit of cabinetry and finish work ahead. The storefront restoration (it had been boarded up for decades) is complete, though, and the gallery is painted, trimmed and quite presentable.

About the move

We're moving just a couple miles north, to West Berkeley

We’ve moved just a couple miles north, to West Berkeley

In July 2015, after almost 10 years at 5510 Doyle St. in Emeryville, the Gallery had to move out when the building it occupied was sold. Fortunately, we were able to sublet a temporary space just across the street, right down the hall from the wood shop, while we sought out a new, more suitable retail location for the gallery. Despite being forced to move, it had been clear for a while that we needed to be in a better retail location anyway. So we eagerly began looking for a new home for the gallery in a high-traffic retail street. While this was going to mean separating the gallery from the wood shop—surely a compromising arrangement given a business model built around the idea of the unity of designing and making—we felt that zoning regulations and rents made this a necessity. What turned out to be a rather difficult search beset with misgivings has had an exceedingly happy ending—we have found a new home perfect for not only the gallery but the entire business! In the summer of 2016 we moved the whole operation to West Berkeley, where we opened in late September. This much larger and better-located building—in the bustling Fourth Street shopping area—gives us twice the space we had in our old place, providing more room for every part of the business, including the gallery, as well as much better access for our customers (we even have our own parking lot!).

NEW showroom hours (as of Sept. 2016): Tuesday through Saturday 11 – 6.
For custom framing orders, it’s best to call ahead and/or make an appointment.

Hours are subject to occasional change. If you’re going out of your way to visit, definitely do call ahead (510/450-0350).

Views of the showroom and gallery—