Adirondack & Oxford (Lap-Joined) Frames

Exemplifying the inherent beauty of honest workmanship and its basis for decoration, lap-joints at the corners (forming what are sometimes called crosseted corners) offer the opportunity for simple decorative treatment. The blunt-cut Adirondack is the simple version of this type of frame, with the Oxford exploring decorative variations. (More on the Oxford in this blog post.)

The pinning of each joint offers the opportunity for a dowel or plug as corner treatment.

WIDTHS: Available in any width starting at 5/8″.
WOODS: Available in any wood.

The simple Adirondack frame with smaller samples of its more elaborate partner, the Oxford frame.


Advice from 1906—

“(In framing) old rare prints… the frames should be made of the simplest wood bands, but as exquisitely finished as possible; the corners lap joined add much to the beauty of such frames.”
1906 framers’ manual

The Adirondack—

The Oxford—

Simple treatments of ends and a more elaborate design suggestive of possibilities.


Corner Treatments

Choose a single flush dowel or inlaid square plug at each corner.

 Adirondack Framed Examples—

Adirondack frame on painting

No. 6000 “Adirondack”—3″ on print on canvas of painting by Arnold Friberg, 15″ x 19”.

Oxford Framed Examples—