Frames & Framing

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” —John Keats

A picture can only be well framed if it’s in a well-made frame—an enduring frame in which your picture can enjoy a lasting and meaningful place in your home and your life. Restoring sound and careful craftsmanship to the art of the picture frame is the basis of what we do at Holton Studio. It’s a mission we fulfill with our complete framing service, including expert handling of your pictures and sensitive and intelligent custom framing design.

These are “closed-corner” frames and are made to order and from scratch. At our showroom we display hundreds of designs and constantly develop new ones, but because our capacities are unlimited we’re able to provide completely individualized framing — a setting in perfect sympathy with, and unique as, the picture. Frame styles range from delicate “drawing” frames to massive architectural designs, from plain and simple to detailed and more decorative. Techniques include fine joinery, sensitively shaped and proportioned profiling, hand-carved and painted details, and gilding (directly on oak — a favorite period treatment). We hope you have the opportunity to visit us in person with your artwork, but we also provide custom framing online. In fact, with more than two decades of serving a national (and international) market, we’re experts at it!

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While custom frames and framing are the heart of our work, we also have an inventory of ready-made, ready-to-ship frames. Visit our In Stock section, or for convenient online purchasing, our online store,

A Frame-Maker's Catalog

Browse our vast & detailed catalog of frame designs, from the plain beauty of the No. 1 to the more decorative & refined Special Compounds & Individualized Frames.

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Custom Framing Service

We provide complete custom framing service. Through our showroom & by mail order we offer everything from design to frame-making to expert archival framing, delivering to you a picture ready to hang on your wall.

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