Sill Frames—III: Framing Karima Cammell’s “Fire with Fire”

A frame is a window, and this window looks out on a burning medieval village. The frame too, then, would be burned. And so it is.

Karima CAmmell painting, "Fire with Fire"

Karima Cammell, “Fire with Fire.” Oil on panel, 12” x 9”.

I made this tabernacle frame in oak for Karima Cammell‘s 12″ x 9″ oil painting, “Fire with Fire,” then took a blow torch to it. (Maybe you know about the Japanese burning technique of shou sugi ban, used to finish wood.) Flecks of gold carry the embers of the fire into the frame. Because it’s a window, naturally this one, like the last two I’ve posted about (here and here), has a sill for the bottom rail. The joints are all mortise-and-tenon. The bottom one’s haunched to conform to the beveled sill.

Process pictures—

Didn’t get many pictures of this one being made, but here it is raw, about to be burned with a blow torch. The second photo shows the sill.

The completed frame, and details—


Come see “Fire with Fire” in person! “High Water: Works by Karima Cammell” runs through Friday, November 5.

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