Robert Flanary on Visual Memory

This past Saturday, in our first artist presentation, part of our first Artist Highlight in the new gallery, Robert Flanary gave a short “Shop Talk on Visual Memory.” It was a fairly brief but deeply thoughtful insight into the aspect of how painters see and how the things they see are retained and play out in the painting process. Robert drew from quotes from and stories about Leonardo, Michelangelo, Sir Joshua Reynolds, as well as early twentieth century thinkers on painting.

Attendees listen to Robert Flanary’s words of wisdom

We had an audience of about twenty, all very engaged, and lively Q and A and discussion followed. Afterwards, we broke up to enjoy refreshments and informal conversation. Kevin Brown and Paul Roehl, two other painters we represent were there. Paul will be giving the next talk on February 25 during his time being highlighted, which will be February 18 to March 18.

Several new works by Robert were framed for his display, and are shown on my last post, here. (They’ll be posted on Robert’s page later this week.) I mentioned in that post the sketchbooks the artist had out on display. Below is a photo of that.

Many thanks to Robert for his talk—and for making the trip from Washington!

A fascinating and beautiful selection of the artist’s sketchbooks dating back to 1969.

Robert Flanary speaking at the Gallery this past Saturday, January 28


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