New Work by Robert Flanary

Painter Robert Flanary is currently being highlighted in the gallery and will be here this afternoon—visiting from his home in Chehalis, Washington—to give a presentation, “A Shop Talk on Visual Memory.” Shown here are several new works we’ve framed and put on display just in time for this event. I’ve met few artists who think more deeply about their work—from the craft of painting, to its relation to nature, to its history, to the place of pictures in our lives—than Robert has. One very special feature of today’s presentation will be a selection of the artist’s sketchbooks dating back to 1969, which demonstrate his extraordinary draftsmanship. After I’d left last night, Jessie and Sam brought them out and set them up for display in the gallery, and I had the great pleasure this morning to look through them. They are absolutely enchanting and beautiful—a great treat to see. This event will be a rare opportunity to meet an extraordinary artist and to be exposed to some very sound and worthwhile insights about making pictures.

Come enjoy this gathering, partake of refreshments, and meet and hear this extraordinary artist.

See more of Robert’s work on his primary page here. I also recommend his archive page (sold work).

Hope to see you this afternoon!

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