Framing Robert Flanary for Beloved California V

One day in the last century a painter showed up at the studio with a batch of canvases. He was in town from Spokane, Washington, and his name was Robert Flanary. Robert explained that in addition to being an artist, he dealt in antiques from the American Arts and Crafts movement of the early twentieth century, and that as a painter he had naturally developed an eye for the oak frames of the period. A friend of his had told him about us. She was a writer for American Bungalow Magazine, and was acquainted with our work from our ads in that publication. Robert liked what we were doing with the tradition and wanted some of our frames. When he laid out his paintings on the design table, Trevor and I were both instantly smitten with their extraordinary quality and uniquely shadowy, earthy palettes. We not only itched to frame them but to hang them on the showroom walls. I told Robert that if he wanted to leave some paintings with us, we’d frame them—at no expense to him—hang them up and maybe sell one or two. He was game, and that became the model for what would eventually become the Holton Studio Gallery.

So needless to say, Beloved California would just feel wrong without several Robert Flanary paintings on display. He’s part of our genesis. He’s family.

We enjoyed framing this pair to enhance their elongated proportions with wider top and bottom members. The lightly stained walnut frames are flat with carved sight edge chamfers.

Two more beauties in the show:

A couple items from our Robert Flanary scrapbook—

Bob sent this picture of his studio, with the caption attached.

Robert Flanary's studio

“Where the dirty work gets done. (There is a big sky light above.)”—Robert Flanary


Robert Flanary

Robert Flanary at the Gallery in January 2017 giving his presentation a “Shop Talk on Visual Memory.”

View Robert Flanary’s page and more available work…

View Beloved California V online…

~ Please note that we’ve extended Beloved California V through January 16! ~

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One thought on “Framing Robert Flanary for Beloved California V

  1. Robert Flanary has been one of my all-time favorite painters! If he had an instructionsl video I would
    puchase it immediately. I love his work and at times have tried to emulate his tonal style to learn his
    method but of course I mostly fail. I wish I could quit my job and fly to the west coast.
    Keep up the inspiring work Robert and best of 2021 to you!

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