A Flaired Yoshida for a Hiroshige Triptych

This is a lovely nineteenth century ukiyo-e triptych by Hiroshige which we framed in a modified version of our Yoshida frame. We’re calling it the Flaired Yoshida, but it’s just one example of what can be done with flairs on mortise-and-tenon frames. It’s in walnut with a black wash. The top and bottom members are 3/4″ wide, the sides 1″. The overall size is about 21″ x 38″. Trevor Davis made it. While he was at it, he also made a batch of four ready-made frames with these flaired corners, along with a batch of four Yoshidas, all in oban size (15″ x 21″) and in four different woods—all for sale at our new online store, shop.holtonframes.com.

Process photos are shown below.

Hiroshige print

Corner detail

Flaired Yoshidas being made

Flaired Yoshida frame

In Stock Flaired Yoshidas

At right is a mahogany Oban size (21″ x 15″) Flaired Yoshida. It’s one of four ready-made Oban size frames, in four different woods, available from our new online store, shop.holtonframes.com.


Set of 4 corners, Japanese flair frames


Here are a couple of mortise-and-tenon frames with flairs we did years ago.



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