No. 2001 “Yoshida”


Named after master shin-hanga printmaker Hiroshi Yoshida, the meticulously hand-crafted Yoshida frame is an ideal setting for the art of the block print. The Basic Yoshida features pinned through mortise-and-tenon joints accented with delicate pillow-shaped inlaid square plugs in either ebony or the same wood as the frame. Also available with blind tenons (No. 1200).

On the standard Yoshida the short sides are 1″ wide, while the long sides are 3/4″ wide, accentuating the format of the print (particularly appealing on pieces with elongated proportions). Other widths are available.

See bottom of page for variations.

Yoshida corners

No. 2001 Yoshida in standard 3/4″-1″ profile width (wider profiles available). Shown from outside to inside: cherry with ebony plug and ebonized cherry slip; birdseye maple with same plug; Honduran Mahogany with ebony plug; quartersawn white oak (Black-Brown stain).


Standard Yoshida shown in comparison to a larger version, which has 1″ and 1-3/8″ members.

No. 2001 "Yoshida" — corner detail

No. 2001 “Yoshida” — corner detail

Framed Examples—

Framed Hiroshi Yoshida print, "Calm Wind"

Hiroshi Yoshida, “Calm Wind,” 1937. Woodblock, 16″ x 10-1/2″. Framed in No. 2001 “Yoshida” frame in walnut (Black Wash) with ebony plugs.

Yoshida Variations—