Yuji Hiratsuka, “Fan Art In Front of Mirror”

2020. Intaglio and chine colle, 17-1/2″ x 11-3/4″. Framed in No. 15—3/4″ in mahogany with carved and painted flowers.

Flowers are a frequent theme in Yuji Hiratsuka‘s work. This piece features a variety of small delicate blossoms which were perfect—even down to their scale—for adorning the 3/4″ wide frame. And given how colorful the print is, I decided to paint the flowers. The print’s playful quality seemed to call for placing the flowers randomly. The basic profile of the mahogany frame, our No. 15, is a flat with narrow fillets on the inside and outside. A simple choice, it echoes the frame on the mirror as well as the stripes on the woman’s clothing.

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