Winifred Rieber (1872-1963), Portrait of Bernard Maybeck

1920’s. Oil on canvas, 30″ x 25″. Framed in a 4″ wide mitered frame in quarter sawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain), with carved bevels and outset corners.

This is for the most part a plain flat, which allows the frame to rely above all on the inherent beauty of the wood. We beveled the inside and outside edges of the flat face. The inside bevel leads the eye in to the picture, and also, along with the outside bevel, repeats the angularity of the rendering, especially the lines of the subject’s architectural setting. (Note how the sill of the window in the painting meets the miter of the frame.) Those bevels are carved. The tooled texture complements the smooth face of the frame and also echoes the loose, impasto brush work.

The outer bevel also serves the outset corners of the frame, which protrude slightly but have their radiating effect enhanced and accented by the outer carved bevel which stops where the corners step out.

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