Alfred De Breanski, Sr., “Falls of the Tay”

(No date.) Oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″. Framed in mortise-and-tenon No. 1201 “Kelmscott” — 4″ all sides, in quartersawn white oak (Weathered Oak stain) with oak square plugs with a gilt slip.


Before re-framing, in the 19th-century exhibition frame.

This wonderful landscape painter’s work was generally shown in ornate gilt exhibition frames (see “before” shot, right) which did nothing for the wild, rustic spirit of the painting. For the log home in which it was to hang, the customer saw fit to have us put it in a quartersawn oak frame, stained to harmonize with the cool blues, greys and greens of the painting. A narrow gilt slip highlights the piece and acknowledges the subtle sunlight depicted. The mortise-and-tenon Kelmscott design (more here) evokes the British vernacular and the spirit of fishing on Scotland’s Tay River.

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