Robert Alan Thom, “World Champion Cougar”

n.d. Oil on canvas, 33″ x 48″. Framed in Compound Aurora (mortise-and-tenon) with carved mitered sight mold and oak slip with pale gold leaf, 6” profile width, in quartersawn white oak (Nut Brown stain).

While this painting is very tightly rendered and could easily have used a more formal profile, the customer was looking for a masculine, architectural and rustic look. This simple design features the spectacular ray flake figure in the quartersawn white oak—which also wonderfully echoes the pattern in the cougar’s fur. Since the depth of perspective in the image is not very great, a flat frame makes sense. Framers should always take their cue from how the artist has already framed the subject—in this case, the cougar, and in this case with rocks and snow. The carved ovolo sight edge sustains the form and textures of the rocks that frame the subject, while also adding a complementary element to the majority of the frame that’s flat and uncarved. The gilt liner and raised panel outside the carved ovolo add defining lines.

What a pleasure to frame such an accomplished work!