Mathias Sandor (Hungary & New York, 1857-1920), (mission)

Ca. 1910. Oil on board, 8″ x 10″. Framed in Compound Mitered frame No. 108.1 + Cap-510 (2-3/4″ total width) in quartersawn white oak (Nut Brown stain) with liner in oak with pale gold leaf.

The challenge in framing this little gem was to balance the simple rustic feeling of the painting with the subject’s significance and nobility. The sensitive line work and carefully treated forms of the subject suggested the fine bead near the sight edge and the ogee cap molding. A generally flat profile was chosen to suit both the picture’s quiet simplicity and its minimal depth of field. To harmonize not only with the rustic subject, but with the texture of the picture surface, we used quartersawn white oak, stained Nut Brown, a darker shade of the picture’s cool browns, but with golden highlights as in the picture. The gilt liner echoes the fine band of sunlight lingering on the horizon, and also hints at the sacredness of the subject. When framing a picture of a building I can’t help wonder what sort of frame might hang inside the building. As I think it did in this case, that consideration usually guides me toward the most sympathetic treatment.

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