Louis Apol (Dutch, 1850-1936), “A Forest in Winter”

n.d. Oil on canvas, 32″ x 25″. Framed in No. 208.4.2 CV— 4-1/2″ quartersawn white oak (Medieval Oak stain).

The strong perspective in this picture dictated a slope. The carved cushion sight edge relieves and softens the broad flat slope and harmonizes in texture with the painted canvas surface. The double reeding outside the cushion, with carved stops near the corners are a nod to the delicate strokes that define the trees, and give the frame a degree of refinement in sympathy with the artist’s well-honed touch. The 1/4″ gilt slip catches the sunlight. We were aiming for a suitably rustic but sensitive feel, a quiet mood, simple. No “before” shot of this in a gold frame, but you can see how the dark wood suits the painting much better than a gold one would—how it’s like the shadows in the painting, and how the shadowy feel of the frame leads your eye to the picture and acts as a foil to the picture, and in particular to the sunlight. And, of course, the rustic feel connects you to the rustic subject matter much more successfully than would a gold frame.