Gustave Baumann (1881-1971), “Marigolds”

1915/1919. Woodblock, 22″ x 18″ image size. No. 15 CV Special—1-1/4″ + stepped flat with special carving—3-1/4″, in walnut (Nut Br) with gilt cove slip.

This is basically a compound frame comprised of a flat and cap molding, but the flat is only rabbeted for the gilt liner; it’s otherwise flat, and so is similar to a mat, except for laying on top of the glass. Frames are both architectural and decorative objects, and anytime a picture includes architecture and/or decorative objects—like the vase, in this instance—the framer needs to pay attention to them. The scalloped detail in the base of the vase suggested the scallops in the flat (they also echo the petals), and the wavy border suggested the wave at the corners of the frame. I love the quiet harmony of muted colors in depicting what could be vibrant and bright—hence walnut. Had fun with the grain selection. A good example of individualized frame design — a frame completely alive to the unique qualities of picture.

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