Emile B. Klein, “Alexei Wajchman”

2009. Oil on canvas, 11″ x 15″. Framed in No. 105.38—2-1/2″ in quartersawn white oak (Weathered Oak stain).

Emile Klein is a wonderful portrait painter classically trained in Florence, and has undertaken a very exciting and wonderfully ambitious project: to travel the United States painting portraits of subjects carefully chosen such that the whole project will demographically represent the nation. Emile is living with his subjects and getting to know them, interviewing them and having them write their own thoughts. The material will be exhibited around the country. Part of his concept is that American handcraft will be integrated into every aspect possible. Holton Studio has been honored to be chosen as the framer. Our goal is to put every portrait in a different frame, but with all the frames harmonizing, the whole display—a portrait of America—reflecting the motto, E Pluribus Unum. More about Emile’s project, You’re US…

This most earnest, T-shirted guitar player called for a plain flat with a simple small and refined ogee at the sight edge to harmonize with the fine forms.