20th Century Anonymous Japanese Print (Irises)

n.d. Block print, 12″ x 17-1/2″. Framed in No. 1000—2-1/2 in walnut (Black wash), with flush dowels.

The bold, flat composition and the architectural element of the fence in the background suggested this frame. (To play off the fence design with crosseted corners, etc., as we have with architectural details in framing other Japanese prints, would have been too much for such a simple piece.) The print is almost like a piece of wallpaper—another aspect calling for a very architectural frame, which the mortise-and-tenon designs definitely are. Walnut for its smooth texture and for the right native hue to the fence, with the black wash to bring it into perfect harmony. Archivally framed (as is all our work) by using a gasket mat (hidden under the rabbet of the frame to separate glass from print) and lined rabbet, plus Museum glass.

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