True Grit: See us on the big screen!

Early last year I got to brag here that we’d gotten a call from the set designers for the Coen Brothers remake of the classic western, True Grit. Well, as you’re probably aware, the film is out and doing gangbusters at the box office. If you look closely, you’ll see our frames (the oak ones—NOT the gold ones, of course) in the courthouse scenes near the beginning, in which Rooster Cogburn and Mattie Ross first meet up.

For the six frames they ordered they used two of our Century Series frames, the Maybeck and the Curtis in quartersawn white oak, both at a 3″ width (below). As the designers recognized, these are classic designs (although not reproductions, but our own takes on the genre). They knew that in the day photographs, such as the Matthew Brady Civil War vintage images they were using, would often be framed close (without mats) in frames of this type. If you see the film—and you definitely should; it’s terrific—it has a feeling of authenticity that feels absolutely dead-on. I feel pretty privileged to have been chosen to make a small contribution to a most impressive project.
(Pictured above, left to right, that’s Tim as William Wheeler, Trevor as Albert Pike, and Eric as Edmund Kirby-Smith.)
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