Framing Contemporary Paintings—Andrij Korchynsky

This recent job, a 23″ x 32″ contemporary oil painting on canvas by Ukrainian-American artist Andrij Korchynsky, offers a simple lesson in two key elements in frame design: line and form. Despite the loose style, the sweeping lines and angularity of the roofs suggested the form of the profile—a broad, 4″ flat sweeping up to a scoop and then beveling back. (The profile is No. 321.) With respect to line, a narrow raised panel at the sight edge, at the same width as the lines defining the structures, adopts the painter’s standard. A 1/4″ liner oil-gilded with 23 kt gold leaf gives it just the right highlight in keeping with the painting’s palette.

The wood is quartersawn white oak with Saturated Medieval Oak stain.

No. 321 on painting

Andrij Korchynsky, “Old Yard,” n.d. (1990’s?). Oil on canvas, 23″ x 32″.

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    • That was many years ago! I’m afraid I can’t be much help regarding possible availability. Pleased you found it, though!

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