The Mighty Earth: Framing Kim Lordier’s “Misty Morn” for Our New Exhibit

The mighty Earth is making her power felt this summer, once again reminding us—or, rather, commanding us—to pay attention to her and to her great creation on which we depend and of which we are a part. Can we picture a civilization that heeds the Earth’s pleas? Surely its architecture would subordinate itself to and harmonize with the landscape, honor the Earth’s materials, and reflect the forms, patterns, colors, textures of the land to which it strove to belong. And the pictures that adorned the walls of such an architecture (windows of memory, admiration and imagination to augment actual windows) would punctuate its reverence for the life of the Earth by depicting her creation.

Kim Lordier pastel, "Misty Morn"“The Mighty Earth” is the title of our new exhibit of larger paintings by our roster of artists. The display offers to an overheated world a bit of visual (and zero-emissions) air conditioning by master pastel artist Kim Lordier: an 18 x 24 painting of Pt Lobos titled “Misty Morn”. The painting is the work of one who loves the Earth—and in particular, Monterey pines. Kim’s admiration for these trees was a cue for the architecture of the frame, especially its form and texture: a carved cushion element at the outside edge aspires to join the canopy. The trees’ color was also inspiration for the frame. I echoed the artist’s cool greens and blue-greens with (solvent-free) linseed oil paint rubbed in to the coarse grain of the quarter sawn white oak frame. A gilt slip echoes the yellow and orange California poppies.

Kim Lordier at James Rieser’s gallery

Kim Lordier painting

Kim Lordier, “Bathed in Riches.” Pastel, 12″ x 24.”

Kim Lordier: Illuminated Impressions—A Visual Journey will open Saturday, August 6 at Rieser Fine Art in Carmel. More than 20 works are available, including this one at right in our frame. We’re grateful to Jim Rieser for asking us to frame several pieces for this show. (The two examples below have already sold!)

Kim put together this snazzy online overview of the Rieser show.

View our own inventory of Kim Lordier’s pastels here…


“Salinas Valley Abundance,” 24″ x 24″

“Ojai Splendor,” 22″ x 27″

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