Selections from Paul Kratter: View Through the Trees

The big event this past Saturday was, as everyone knows, a coronation: Paul Kratter got to be king for a day! Paul Kratter being crownedDespite a bit of rain and competition from a certain copy cat event in the UK, here at the gallery we had a lively time for the opening of “View Through the Trees,” celebrating Paul and his impressive body of work—thirty-six exemplary landscape paintings plus two wildlife pieces filling both galleries. We’re awfully proud of our twenty years representing this member of California landscape painting royalty!

Below are a few select pieces from the exhibit—somewhat random choices I could not even call “stand outs” since the level of quality is great across the board. (I’ll save the wildlife pieces for another post.)

“Paul Kratter: View Through the Trees” will run through June 10. You may view the whole show on our main site, here, or on our e-commerce site, here. But there is nothing like seeing these works in person!

Again, you may view the whole show (and purchase a piece) here, or on our e-commerce site, here

The pomp and circumstance—


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