Save the Date! Beloved California VIII Opens November 4

We’ll be busy at the Gallery this coming week, as we put together Beloved California VIII, our all-gallery show that’s topped off each year since we moved to Berkeley in 2016. The exhibition opens this coming Saturday, November 4, with an artist reception from 2 to 4.

Our postcard shows off the piece below, Bill Cone‘s 18″ x 22″ pastel “Ediza Morning.” It’s from this year’s Granite Group trip, which Bill has been co-leading with Paul Kratter since 2004. This work is an excellent example of Bill’s masterful ability to capture the beauty of the Sierra Nevada—the Range of Light.

For the frame, I used black walnut and made a simple 3″ wide profile in a convex or cushion form suited to the awe-inspiring big granite, shaping it with a hand plane, so it’s subtly faceted and has a few tool marks. The profile is canted in to the picture to sustain and enhance the wonderful perspective. The inside edge is chamfered and carved. The back slopes in a just a little, which helps expose the proud splines that accent the corners. Inside the frame a carved liner with bronze wax harmonizes with some of the muted golden tones in the foreground grasses and cliffs awakening in the sun.

Framed Bill Cone pastelI hope you can come to the opening next Saturday. Again, it’s from 2 to 4. Beloved California VIII will run through the end of the year, closing December 30. It will also be viewable online, here.

Below, a couple apropos photos I stole from Bill’s blog.easel set up in the SierrasSwimming, Sierra lake

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