Richard Lindenberg: Quiet Discoveries Closes Saturday

“Quiet Discoveries,” our current show of paintings by Richard Lindenberg, closes this Saturday, October 21. I hope you find time to come by to check it out. (You can view it online here.) Richard’s work is outstanding. And having adorned our walls this past month it has only grown on me. I’ve picked out “Scruffy Cypress” as a favorite. A work he executed with a palette knife rather than his customary brushes, it’s also a good example of the artist’s determination to continually grow.

R. Lindenberg painting

Richard Lindenberg
“Scruffy Cypress”
2022. Oil on panel, 8″ x 8″. $950 framed.

I originally posted the video here on this blog post about a talk and painting demonstration Richard gave here back in 2017. In it, he discusses his background in photography. I love what he has to say about the class he took in college from master photographer Paul Caponigro, who set up the students in the meadow in Yosemite Valley, but insisted that they not move their tripods or tilt their cameras up to shoot the valley’s iconic landmarks. They were forced instead to really look around for the less obvious images. Thus he learned the lesson, key not only to his photography but to his later work as a painter, that “it’s not always what you think you should be going out to paint. It’s what you actually feel at the time… No matter where you are, if you really look, there are things to paint or photograph…” It’s those quiet discoveries offering beauty, wherever we may find ourselves. Life lesson.

Come enjoy Richard Lindenberg: Quiet Discoveries, closing this Saturday.

The painter in the window

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