Reviving the Art and Craft of Sign Painting

A shop selling handcrafted frames should have a handcrafted sign. So a few weeks ago we had our name painted in the window by a for-real sign painter—a breed of artisan that not long ago many thought would soon be made extinct by vinyl signs. Derek MacDonald and Tina Vines (and Herbie the boxer) are Golden West Sign Arts in Berkeley, and make signs the good old fashioned way: with the mighty hand. The letters are 23 kt gold leaf with a black drop-shadow.

Great job, guys! Need a sign painter? Give them a call!

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One thought on “Reviving the Art and Craft of Sign Painting

  1. I too have a friend that is a sign painter. He was taught by an old-timer who painstakingly showed him these same “by hand” methods. He of course uses mostly one of those fancy-pants printers mostly these days – but sometimes he just has to pull out the tools of the trade to get the job done in the fashion his clients desire. Great post – here’s to the real artisans out there still plying they trade.

    Ken, on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada

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