Re-framing Kim Lordier’s “Backlit In Monterey”

It’s not often that we re-frame a picture we’ve framed for the gallery, but especially smaller paintings often get very plain frames, and sometimes customers want something a little more elaborate.

Kim Lordier painting

“Backlit in Monterey” as originally framed

Such was the case with Kim Lordier‘s pastel “Backlit in Monterey,” our “poster child” for Little Windows II—which, by the way, ends this Saturday, the 28th. The customer spotted the frame we used on a painting by Ernesto Nemesio a few years ago and wisely surmised that it would serve as a great setting for this iconic coastal scene.

The frame is quartersawn white oak with Weathered Oak stain and a gilt slip, and is carved on the sight edge and back edge, with outset rounded corners. Both the rounded carved elements and the corners pay tribute to Kim’s surf-beaten tidal rocks.

See Little Windows II before it closes—or check it out online.

Kim Lordier painting

Kim Lordier painting—framed detail

Kim Lordier painting

This one above is sold, of course, but we still have another coastal scene by Kim Lordier, “Sparkling Sand and Cliff,” below. It’s in a carved and parcel gilt walnut frame.

Kim Lordier painting

Kim Lordier
“Sparkling Sand & Cliff”
Pastel, 6″ x 12″. $2,550 framed.

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