Paul Roehl lecture – Naturalism and Transcendence in Contemporary Painting

The first in our monthly artist’s salons at Holton Studio Gallery, Paul Roehl gave a lecture in March exploring the history and meaning of a tonalist approach to painting and its viability within a contemporary context. What is Tonalism, where did it come from and what is its philosophical foundation as a unique kind of artistic expression? What is the justification or necessity for looking to the past as a source and paradigm in the visual arts and how and why should this approach compel the viewer? What is the importance of a return to the aesthetic for its own sake and what role does craft play in this process? These and other topics are explored in this one hour presentation with Paul Roehl, artist and adjunct professor of Art and Art History.

This lecture was recorded at Holton Studio Gallery on March 21st, 2015 and is presented in two parts:

More information about Paul Roehl can be found here:


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