Painting Demonstration with Mark Farina

On April 16th, Holton Studio Gallery was pleased to host a live painting demonstration with plein air artist Mark Farina. The event provided the opportunity to watch the planning and development of an oil painting. Mark worked to recreate a smaller study painting that he had previously painted on location. He began with a primed canvas with a basic grid drawn on it to help with the placement of the initial outline of major shapes within the composition. From there the image evolved, and Mark answered questions from the viewers and explained his thinking, technique, materials and process while working on the painting. Below is a series of photographs from the demonstration, starting with the introduction and initial grid placement on the canvas. Mark painted for almost two hours, and while he didn’t have enough time to completely finish the painting, he came to a stopping point where he felt good about where the image was going and shared with us the beginnings of the evolution of one of his works of art.

Thank you, Mark for sharing your artistic process with us.

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