A Frame-Maker’s Journal

TimHolton writingUpdates and ruminations on our work and mission to revive the art and craft of framing pictures. Here I'll show you new jobs we're especially proud of and keep you up on what's going on at the Gallery, as well as discuss topics germane to our work, including handcraft and work generally, the place of art, and ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement (especially its greatest leaders, John Ruskin and William Morris).

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—Tim Holton

Reveling in the Tradition: Framing Erik Tiemens for Beloved California VI

Posted on November 28th, 2021

There’s something uniquely rewarding for us in framing Erik Tiemens‘s paintings. The first three here, brand new for Beloved California VI, we set in quartersawn white oak with Dark Medieval Oak stain and gilt slips. Why are Erik’s paintings so rewardi... continue reading.

“Test of Time”: Framing Kim Lordier for “Beloved California VI”

Posted on November 16th, 2021

I could sing the praises of many aspects of Kim Lordier‘s 20″ x 24″ pastel “Test of Time,” beginning with the wonderful treatment of morning sunlight. But it’s the expertly rendered perspective that inspired this frame design—a surr... continue reading.

Framing Richard Lindenberg for Beloved California VI (Opening Today!)

Posted on November 13th, 2021

Our big annual all-gallery show opens today! Beloved California VI: Twenty Painters with a Passion for Place features more than 60 wonderful works by our entire roster of Northern California landscape painters. Nearly all the paintings are on view in the gallery for the... continue reading.

Framing Yoshiko Yamamoto for the Holly-days

Posted on November 10th, 2021

I love the prints Yoshiko Yamamoto made as a tribute to the Overbeck sisters, Hannah (1870-1931) and Mary (1878-1955). This one, “Holly,” is based on a circa 1915 watercolor and ink drawing in the Los Angeles County Museum, shown at right. (In typical humble... continue reading.

Sill Frames—III: Framing Karima Cammell’s “Fire with Fire”

Posted on October 23rd, 2021

A frame is a window, and this window looks out on a burning medieval village. The frame too, then, would be burned. And so it is. I made this tabernacle frame in oak for Karima Cammell‘s 12″ x 9″ oil painting, “Fire with Fire,” then took a ... continue reading.

Sill Frames—II: Framing Karima Cammell’s “Aqua Alta”

Posted on October 17th, 2021

In my last post, here, I introduced sill frames, featuring one we made for Karima Cammell‘s “Atlantis,” an impressive egg tempera painting included in our current solo show “High Water.” I pointed out how I carved the frame’s beveled ... continue reading.

Sill Frames—I: Framing Karima Cammell’s “Atlantis”

Posted on October 15th, 2021

In framing Karima Cammell‘s work for her solo show “High Water” here at the Gallery (check out today’s great review in Berkeleyside), the recurring historical subject matter pushed me to explore a kind of frame construction frequently seen on med... continue reading.

Framing Andersen Kee

Posted on September 27th, 2021

This is a portrait by living Navajo painter Andersen Kee. We framed the 16″ x 13″ oil on board in a 3″ wide carved Cassetta in quartersawn white oak with Saturated Medieval Oak stain. The carved liner is leafed in 18 kt gold. The carving on the liner a... continue reading.

Framing CFA Voysey

Posted on September 22nd, 2021

One of the greatest English Arts and Crafts architects and designers was Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857—1941). This is a lovely bit of Voysey wallpaper design we were asked to frame recently. Had fun grabbing the bold outline of the pattern for the bold outline... continue reading.