New Catalog Section Just Added: Mitered Frames—Special Corners

We’ve just added a new section to A Frame-Maker’s Catalog for frame designs that take advantage of the decorative possibilities inherent in the joints of mitered frames: “Mitered Frames—Special Corners.”

The page offers “examples of mitered frame designs featuring decorative corners, emphasizing a key source of the frame’s artistic beauty: the constructive significance of its joints. The infinite range of decorative opportunities the corners of the frame present is one of the great benefits of closed-corner frames. For good reason, picture frame makers have traditionally found their chief expressive power in embellishing the frame’s corners to emphasize the frame’s protective duty and function, as well as its unifying compositional role—the elemental artistic concern for unity being ultimately in the physical integrity of the frame and the evident care in how it’s put together.” View “Mitered Frames—Special Corners.”




Some process shots of Mitered Frames with special corners—

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