Hanging with Karima Cammell at Brea Gallery

Our friend Karima Cammell, whose show “High Water” we hosted here in 2021, was chosen from thousands of entrants for a solo show at Brea Gallery in Brea (Orange County), California. We had the great honor of framing most of Karima’s work for for the exhibit. Titled, “The Light Gets In,” the show runs through June 23.

Karima Cammell display at Brea Gallery

Among the works we framed is “DCM Triptych,” below. We set Karima’s painted and gilded panels in walnut mortise and tenon frames hinged together. The frames were carved, stippled, and gilded to extend the artist’s design. View all the other works in the show on Brea Gallery’s webpage, here.Karima Cammell, "DCM Triptych"

Karima Cammell

“A(r)mour,” self-portrait by Karima Cammell

The blurb for the show explains that

In her artistic practice, Karima employs traditional media such as egg tempera, oil paint, gilding, and glass, viewing herself as much as a creator of objects as an image maker. Her artistic approach reflects a devotional attitude, prioritizing candor, craftsmanship, and reverence for the inherited legacy passed down from her mentors and forebears.

In that wide embrace of the arts and crafts and a Morrissian reverence for life lies the reason, I believe, for the studio’s affinity for her approach, and why Karima’s always a dream for us to work with. 

Visit the webpage for Karima’s show “The Light Gets In” at Brea Gallery…

View “High Water,” Karima’s 2021 show at the Holton Studio Gallery…

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