Framing Toshi Yoshida and the Wings of Love

This rare large (13″ x 17-1/2″) woodblock print made by Toshi Yoshida in 1994, “Dance of Eternal Love,” is an extraordinary and inspired image which my customer and I saw fit to play up in the framing by adapting the form of the expressively spread wings to adorn the corners. Those shaped corners of the 7/8″ wide black-stained walnut frame, which is about 21″ x 25″ overall, also have proud splines. Like several frames posted lately, this one has a painted slip, in this case in a grey lilac keyed to the print, and the slip is shaped to follow the lines of the frame. Framed Toshi Yoshida printWe frame pictures we love, and framing them right means framing them lovingly. Picture and frame, like two people—or two cranes—in love, complement each other in a kind of amorous duet.

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