Framing Three William S. Rice Watercolors

We’ve had the good fortune to frame a number of works by William Seltzer Rice (1873-1963), one of the true American masters of the art of the block print (a recent example of one we framed is here). But he was also a superb watercolorist, and we just framed two examples of his mastery—which reminded me of another one we framed a while back. So here they all are.

The first one, above, is called “Silver Maples, Leona Park,” and is about 12″ x 18″. We framed it in a 3″ carved compound in walnut, profiled in a cushion form that echos the rounded forms of the trees, as the corner patterns do as well, while also suggesting clouds above. (See corner detail below.) The carved texture carries out the mottled treatment of the painting.

The second one, below, is a simpler treatment in our No. 143 Hudson, with a copper leaf slip. The 2-1/2″ frame is quartersawn white oak with Dark Medieval Oak stain. The painting, “French Camp,” is just 7″ x 10″.

Here’s another Rice watercolor we framed quite a while ago, but I don’t think I ever posted. This is a compound frame, No. 108 + Cap 488, also in stained quartersawn white oak.

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