Framing Three RTK Studio Tiles

RTK Studio, of Ojai, California, makes beautiful tiles, and it was a pleasure to frame these three critters. Each tile is 6″ x 6″, with frames all 2″ wide and made in stained quartersawn white oak. The three hang in the same room, so we wanted the frames to be similar but individual like the tiles, starting with the stains. Beyond that, these designs are variations on a theme. The basic profile is our No. 15 which is a plain mitered flat with a narrow step at both the inside and back edge, but we combined it with simple chamfered accents articulating the corners. (So these would generally be described as No. 15.6, but the chamfering detail would vary and be specified. See similar frames and more frames with accented corners on our recent catalog page, “Mitered Frames—Special Corners”.) The edge step gives emphasis and definition to the chamfered details. On the second tile we also used dowels to accent the design. (The dowels do actually function as pins through the splines to further strengthen an already strong joint.)

All three frame designs, and many others along these lines, could certainly be adapted to other profile widths, both narrower and wider, and used on other media.

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