Framing Shiro Kasamatsu and the Landscapes of Japan

Here are three Japanese woodblock prints by shin hanga master Shiro Kasamatsu (1898-1991) demonstrating the artist’s fondness for Japan’s landscape and traditional Japanese life. All are oban size (about 15″ x 10″).

The lush green trees framing the subject of the first one, “Shirahone Hotspring, Shinshu,” 1935, presented an obvious cue for the frame design: a 3/4″ wide carved walnut setting with a black wash and carved and painted green leaves accenting the corners.

Framed Shiro Kasamatsu print, corner detail

Framed Shiro Kasamatsu print

The second Shiro Kasamatsu print we recently framed, “Snow at Matsushima,” 1954, shows the beautiful seventeenth century Godaido Temple in winter. Because of the architectural subject, the customer and I chose a 1″ wide through mortise and tenon frame, No. 4001, in walnut with black wash. The edges of the frame are softened and carved a little to harmonize with the texture of the snow-covered trees.

Lastly, “Inubozaki Cape, Inubo Point,” 1956, also oban size, is in a 1″ wide No. 320 CV in quartersawn white oak stained black. We felt that the carved cove molding suited the rugged shape and texture of the rocks.

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