Framing Sausalito: Jane Kriss’s Homage to M. Sasek

I don’t think there’s a more charming site on the shore of San Francisco Bay than the town of Sausalito. My sister, Jane Kriss, is very lucky to live there, and was inspired to write and illustrate a book to match that charm: Next Stop Sausalito. And I’m lucky enough to have the original artwork (as well as copies of the book) to show and sell in my gallery! They are gouache and ink on paper. We just framed up these four examples below—which are not for sale, by the way, but stand as examples of how the work can be framed. There are sixty-three other illustrations available, and they can be viewed on this page.

Next Stop Sausalito is not only a tribute to a lovely place but an homage to a wonderful mid-century children’s book illustrator who first captivated Jane when she was just 8 years old. M. Sasek might well have had a place on your own bookshelf. His classic “This Is” series—including This is Paris, This is London, This is San Francisco—introduced countless children to the world’s great destinations. When our family was preparing for a year in Rome in the early ’60’s, my parents got Jane This Is Rome to help warm her up to the place. (I don’t think I got anything!)

What I love about the book is how Jane thoroughly channels Sasek’s sensibility but in doing so completely melds it with her own. A visit to her website will convince you that her eye is all her own.

If you’ve ever spent a day or even just a few hours exploring Sausalito, you’ll love letting these pictures transport you back there.

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