Framing Richard Wagener

I’ve long admired the prints of Northern California wood engraver Richard Wagener. As a subject for pictorial artists, the Sierra Nevada will surely never be exhausted of its beauty or inspiration. But Wagener, bringing to the Range of Light a less common art form and certainly an extraordinary mastery of that form, provides a refreshing take. So it was a privilege to frame these two pieces. The woodblock prints on smooth paper called for tighter-grained walnut in delicate but simple profiles. Distinguishing the frames are the outset corners, inspired by and alive to the simple refinement of the prints. The frame for “Juniper With Half Dome” has proud splines. The square outset corners of the frame on “Donner Peak Tree, #2” are articulated with little carved cuts.

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Richard Wagener print

“Juniper With Half Dome”


Richard Wagener print

“Donner Peak Tree, #2”



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