Framing “Places Forgotten and Untouched”: An Evening with Lee Jester

Please join us at The Gallery this Thursday, June 20 at 6:30 for what promises to be a fascinating, thought-provoking and visually engaging presentation by our friend, Lee Jester. A photographer, traveler, amateur naturalist, and former proprietor of The Craftsman Home on Claremont Avenue in Berkeley, Lee’s talk will be titled, “Photography and the Earth: My Path of Discovery.”

The very personification of the word “intrepid,” Lee says,

“The earth has been my teacher and muse. I drive to the ends of the earth, to places unheard of, searching for that which has never been seen before.  Places that are forgotten, off the radar, and untouched are where I discover my own humanity and place in nature. I find magic, wonder, beauty and myself.”

The talk will be followed by a reception. And Lee will have some of his wonderful photographs available for sale. (Below is one of my favorites, “Avalanche Creek.”)

We hope you’ll join us!

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