Framing Paul Roehl’s “Overcast Sky”

As part of our current gallery showcase of larger paintings, “The Mighty Earth,” we’ve framed Paul Roehl‘s beautifully moody “Overcast” (oil on board, 20″ x 24″). The quartersawn white oak frame, made by Trevor Davis, is a simple cushion profile. Trevor carved the whole face of the frame to complete the frame’s harmony with key forms of the painting: the hills, shrubbery, oak trees, and clouds of the overcast sky. The texture of tooling also sustains the texture of the painting’s surface. The 3″ wide face steps out at the back, so that the whole profile is 3-1/2″ wide, plus a 3/8″ carved and gilt liner. The frame is stained Dark Weathered Oak, giving it a shadow tone and value in complement to the quiet fading sunlight imbuing this work with its still, reflective mood. 

I hope you’ll stop by to see the show, which runs through August 27.

Paul Roehl painting

Paul Roehl, “Overcast,” 2017. Oil on board, 20″ x 24″.

Paul Roehl painting


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