Framing Orpha Klinker

Here’s another desert etching, this one by noted Southern California artist Orpha Klinker (1891-1964). “Winter Touches the Dessert” is about 7″ x 9″, and dates from the late ’30’s (winning first place in the California Society of Etchers 1939 San Francisco exhibition). The rugged mountains suggested this angular frame with a parcel gilt sight edge (white gold leaf). The 1″ wide walnut frame, lightly stained with a black wash, is basically a bevel molding, but the gilt sight edge is angled steeper and there’s another reverse bevel at the outside; both of those are carved. The back of the frame is also angled, and the corners have thick proud splines, also carved. Framed Orpah Klinker etching

Another copy of this print is available from Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery. Their page on it has some more interesting history, including this quote from Painters of the Desert (1960) by Ed Ainsworth:

“It was during this period (late 1930’s) that Orpha started seriously to do etching, and as a result surprised even herself. It was at this point, in fact, that her love of the desert began to bear fruit. She heard that there was to be a Statewide exhibition for etchers in San Francisco.

Just to show her interest and co-operation she sent one of her first works in the medium to the exhibit which was under the auspices of the California Society of Etchers. The judges were so impressed with Winter Touches the Desert that Orpha Klinker, at her first try, was awarded the Associate Print Award, highest in the show. She has won this honor twice since.”

I made a corner sample of the frame.

Framed Orpah Klinker etching

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