Framing Karima Cammell’s Egg Tempera Paintings—II

Here’s the second of three posts showing our recent framing of three Karima Cammell egg tempera portrait paintings. As I mentioned in the last post, Karima’s affection for the decorative arts, much evident in the model’s clothes and background, is a great cue for the frame-maker. This frame, like the one posted yesterday, is in stained walnut. The flat mitered frame, which is a 2″ wide profile, was designed to extend the flat surface of the wall behind the girl and her dog, but brought forward in proportion to serve as a suitable window. Then I made it alive to the painting by carving it with a “V” pattern that’s an enlarged and simplified take on the patterns of the wall and rug.

Karima Cammell, “Valentina Brown,” 2016. Egg tempura on panel, 12-3/8″ x 10″.

Read about the first the three Karima Cammell paintings we framed…





Read about the third of the three Karima Cammell paintings we framed…

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