Framing HW Hansen in a Mitered Frame with Special Corners

When it comes to framing watercolors in frames with special corners—which we’re featuring this week with our Robert Tetlow watercolor exhibit up and our new catalog page, “Mitered Frames—Special Corners”—I can’t resist re-posting a job that is my all time favorite example of that sort of piece.

Corner detail

Corner detail

This one’s by German-born Herman Wendelborg Hansen (1853-1924), who came to California and settled in San Francisco in the 1880’s. There he befriended notables like William Keith and Maynard Dixon. He was also the father of Armin Hansen, the more famous California Impressionist.

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Check out the new catalog page, “Mitered Frames—Special Corners”…

HW Hansen, "At the Round-up,"

Historical watercolor by HW Hansen, “At the Round-up,” framed close in walnut cove frame with carved corners and pale gold slip.


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