Framing a Hudson River School Painting

Feeling very privileged indeed to have had the chance to frame this classic view of the Hudson River by a Hudson River School painter, Charles Wilson Knapp (1823-1900). Just completed this week, the frame is a 4″ wide Compound Mitered frame, in a slope form with a cove at the outside and a peaked cap molding. The forms are pretty direct and straightforward readings of the essential forms and perspective of the painting.

More on Charles Wilson Knapp…


Charles Wilson Knapp (1823-1900), undated, untitled view of Hudson River. Oil on canvas, 23″ x 41″.


Corner detail. (Click image to view large.)

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One thought on “Framing a Hudson River School Painting

  1. really enjoying your wonderful writing in the latest post; also very pleased that some of my framed projects are shown on the site!

    happy holidays to you at the Studio!

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