Framing Ellen Howard for “On the Threshold”

A week from Saturday is the opening of our new show, “On the Threshold: Ellen Howard, Tia Kratter, and Kim Lordier,” and we’re framing up a storm. This beautiful autumn scene is Ellen’s “Interconnected,” an oil on panel, 16″ x 20″, which we’ve set in a 3″ wide slope with a carved sight edge (No. 2.4 CV) in quartersawn white oak with Medieval Oak stain.

In this show featuring three women, three mediums, three views, each artist explores the threshold theme. For Ellen Howard, it’s about seasons:

The threshold of each new season is a space in time for us to look at what has been and what is to come. The paintings in this show represent my creative journey, from the quiet dormancy of winter to the exuberance of spring, vitality of summer and the warm comforts of fall. Painting through the seasons allows me to boldly embrace change and listen deeply with intention to my creative calling.

Ellen Howard painting in aspensEllen explains her attraction to aspens:

The aspens are considered a single organism connected through a shared root system. They are also important for biodiversity. They provide a habitat for a variety of animals, nesting sites, and food sources. These trees are considered sacred to indigenous communities too. Lastly, they are gorgeous trees—seeing the bright yellow-orange leaves makes people happy and I love seeing the leaves in the wind. The leaves twinkle like being in a fairyland.

These reflections Ellen expresses in “Interconnected”:

I wanted to portray the intricate web of relationships and interdependencies that define our existence through the beauty of the aspen trees. I enjoyed working with a higher-key palette and mixing the variety of vibrant yellows and oranges occurring in the vast aspen groves. This palette reminds me of the comforts of home and the subtle changes in our environment as we say goodbye to summer and welcome the slower pace of the fall season. My hope for this piece is that it serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of humanity and our shared responsibility to protect and cherish our planet. It invites contemplation and reflection, prompting a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance and beauty that surrounds us.

Again, “On the Threshold” opens Saturday, July 22 with an opening reception from 2-4, and runs to August 26. The exhibit’s webpage, which will eventually show all the works, is here.

View Ellen’s page…

Ellen Howard in the aspens

Ellen Howard frame by aspens, and photographed by her good friend Kim Lordier

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