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This is a painting that just arrived at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming, and will be part of their annual Art Show and Sale. Titled “The River and the Rodeo, Cody,” the 30″ x 25″ oil is by the outstanding Donald Demers, who asked us to frame it for the prestigious occasion. Trevor Davis came up with this design several years ago, and we’ve made a few like this or similar. (We have a ready-made 14″ x 18″ available here.) Don spotted it on this Thaddeus Welch painting on my website, and I couldn’t see a reason to modify it in any way. This one is a slope, chosen to extend Don’s masterful perspective. The wood is fumed quartersawn white oak, and it has a pale gold slip.Don Demers paintingA native of Massachusetts who spends a great deal of time in Maine, Don Demers is nationally renowned for both his landscapes and especially his seascapes, which are informed by a lifetime passion for boats and the ocean. In my experience, the best painters have an exceptional depth of connection to their subject matter—a deep reverence—and this short video leaves no question that Don is in that class.

While Wyoming is far from Don’s native turf—and the ocean—his reverence for the Earth and the delight we can find in being part of it travels well. About “The River and the Rodeo, Cody,” Don writes,

In late May/early June 2023, My partner, Jackie Jones and I took a trip out West to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Being from the East it’s always awe inspiring to see the Western landscape. Jackie, a fine painter in her own right, knows that area pretty well but we were accompanied and guided by our dear friend Tim Newton who happens to be the publisher of Western Art and Architecture magazine. He drove us around Cody, WY and beyond and served as our guide. He introduced me to the Shoshone River and all of its rich history, particularly where it comes upon Cody. When Tim took us to see this river gorge I was as excited as I can remember to create a painting of the experience. The place was compelling, not only for the striking beauty and power it possesses, but for the contrast between this deep river gorge and the conglomeration of buildings and structures that house the daily rodeos during the Summer season. It was such a view of unbridled nature and humans’ desire to be upon it that inspired me to paint the scene, first on location as a study and then a larger work created in the studio. The studio painting is now enhanced and embellished with this exquisite frame created by Holton Studio and is being showcased at the Buffalo Bill Center for the West in Cody.

Don Demers painting

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