Framing Diego Rivera

This is a very special piece, not only because of the prestigious name of the artist, but because it’s so highly treasured by the customer. The drawing was a gift from the artist, Diego Rivera (1886-1957), to the customer’s grandfather, who had been a friend of Rivera, one of Mexico’s greatest twentieth century artists. The charcoal drawing (No date; 1940’s?) called for simplicity, and in any case the amount of space around the figure as well as the size of the drawing (25″ x 19″) would make a mat unnecessary, so we framed it close. (A hidden gasket mat creates space between the drawing and glass, and the rabbet is lined with metal tape to isolate the acids in the wood from the paper.)

Frame in No. 308.0 — 2-5/8″ scoop with bead walnut (Nut Brown stain), with black slip.

It’s all about line and grace—and treating our treasured pictures with all the regard that’s imparted by a good frame.

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Detail of frame.

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