Framing Dana Bartlett

Just re-framed this very lovely historic California landscape painting by Dana Bartlett (1882-1957). Using a hand-carved Compound Mitered frame, No. 104 CV + Cap 400 CV, we chose to play off the compositional contrast between the flat ground and vertical trees with a flat profile with a carved flattened bead near the sight edge and a larger element comprising the cap molding.  The wood is quartersawn white oak in our Onondaga stain.

Dana Bartlett painting, framing before and after

Here’s a before-and-after view, which has been added to the page, “Fixing a ‘Very Prevalent Error’: The Cabinetmaker’s Answer to the Gold Frame Convention.”

Dana Bartlett served in the 1920’s as President of the California Art Club and was a founding member of the California Watercolor Society as well. More on Dana Bartlett…

Dana Bartlett painting

Dana Bartlett, (1882-1957), untitled California landscape, n.d. Oil on canvas, 11″ x 14″.

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